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[Image: Steve Rogers and Janet van Dyne standing together, looking cranky; Steve has his arms crossed and Jan is leaning on Steve’s shoulder. They’re both wearing their superhero uniforms, and Jan is also wearing Avengers A earrings. Caption: “Mr. Feige, we need to talk. #janetvancrime.”]


I think one of the saddest parts about this whole Ant-Man fridging Jan and her not getting to be an Avenger in the MCU thing is that no one would be more disappointed by this than the Avengers themselves. After all, Janet is the 5th greatest Avenger of all time- and “If the Avengers themselves voted on this list, it’s likely the Wasp would take the number one spot.” (x)

A founding Avenger, leader, fashionista, and honestly one of the Avengers that loves being an Avenger the most, Jan definitely deserved a spot on the MCU Avengers. It’s sad that we’re still in an era where Marvel Studios can’t value the woman who founded and named the Avengers.

In the hopes that Marvel will understand that Jan is an important and necessary addition to the MCU Avengers as an active superhero and not a footnote in Hank Pym’s story, we’re tweeting out on twitter using the #JanetVanCrime hashtag. Please lend your voice so Marvel can avoid this mistake, or at least be less inclined to make future ones.

For the inevitable dudebros that are going to come up to me and try to tell me Jan isn’t important to the Avengers, don’t talk to me, talk to Jan’s earrings:

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(interdimensional-kickerofbutt) "Why does it always have to be alcohol?"
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"I’m afraid it’s the only thing I know that dulls the pain… Forgetting is good too." 


Well, at least that narrowed it down, which was a big relief when having to pick between infinite options in reality. America grinned.


"Best Ice-cream in the Multiverse?" she smirked, as her eyes lit. "Let’s see if you can handle it."

"I will only believe that if it is so good that the first spoonful gives me an orgasm." His tongue ran away with the thought before he realized. Antonio coughed "Well … er… figuratively speaking? … Okay, that was probably weirder than it should be." 

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It’s okay, I have a heart transplant on standby. *sobs all the way to the self-operating table*

*brings flowers and those little heart-shaped balloons*

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Our reluctance to say sorry when we’ve been wrong often causes more harm than our original offense. We argue, we gaslight. We force the person we’ve harmed to justify, over and over again, their right to feel hurt by our actions, and then we still deny them that. We make them the enemy, we become the injured party. We demand apologies for having to think of ourselves as less than good people. And we don’t learn.
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Antonio opened the door to the lab beyond, revealing the large inter-dimensional portal device, primed for Kate's own world "I finished it, Kate ... Happy birthday."
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He’d done it.

Kate didn’t know what to say.

This meant she was going home right? That she could…that she was…oh god. For a moment everything stopped. She didn’t know what to do or say…she just sat there in disbelife before adressing the elephant in the room.

"How did you know it was my birthday?"

Antonio blinked once, then again, at the question “I … er… you mentioned it once?” He smiled a little, then winced. Okay, he couldn’t lie to her “You kind of … wondered before about your counter-part in this world, right? I found her. Sort of. I asked Miles if he knew someone sharing your name and he did. It’s just that she isn’t a superhero… and I must have read her birthday from her file, figuring you might share that.” He explained, trying to keep from fidgeting a bit guiltily while doing so. 

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Antonio woke with a soft groan, the usual headache arising, as well as some mild nausea but eventually it settled after he sat up on the side of his bed for a few minutes. He slowly blinked sleep-ridden eyes as he realized the air was permeated with a delicious smell. Was he hallucinating again? Could one hallucinate scent? Probably. He would marvel at the complexities of the brain if it wasn’t that it was his own diseased brain betraying him, which obviously made him appreciate it a whole lot less. 

His curiosity won against his self-doubt though as he dragged himself out of bed properly now, picking up a discarded night-robe from a nearby chair and sticking his feet in slippers that were lying around the room somewhere. He didn’t notice they were mismatched, but you know, who cares. It was some ungodly hour in the morning. Well… maybe not that ungodly but still too early to care about slipper-etiquette. 

As Tonio walked through the hallway, he felt his heart grow heavier as the smell brought back memories of a man that acted as his father when his actual father was long gone (also, his father couldn’t cook to save his life). He always made breakfast for him like this, enticing him out of bed by scent alone on those mornings where he didn’t have morning meetings or urgent conferences. 

And so he couldn’t help but gives a slightly-choked “Jarvis?…” when he reached the doorway to the kitchen, looking inside. It wasn’t Jarvis but after that initial painful disappointment, he perked up quickly when he saw who it really was. “Hank?” 

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Tony in the shopping cart♥

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Steve → Captain America


Steve → Captain America


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Submarine suit. *nodnod* 

… Actually, they are diving toys. They sink and you have to dive them up as a game =P

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So I found these at Target yesterday. They were so funny I couldn’t resist. They are bath/pool toys, so… just imagine this is the pose they strike as they jump in a pool.